About Me

After 31 years, I still find myself questioning my purpose on this planet. I love a great, many, things and while I find  joy in the mere act of creating, I also find great fulfillment in helping others to become the highest and most creative version of themselves through art and fully "tapping" into your emotions. 

Since I was younger, I always used art and imaginary worlds as my escape from reality. After many lessons I have learned that reality is not something we should wish to escape from, but rather something to become part of fully. When you start to realize how alike you and you neighbor are, you can daily start to piece together semblance between you and all things. The Earth, the animals, the wind, the water, your friends, your family, your lovers, your enemies - We are all existing together in a giant bubble --- just searching for our own purpose and meaning. When we start to view the world in this way, it has the ability to soften us some. Once we lose the edge and begin to visualize us all as one - working together - gratitude flows more freely in and out of us. Gratitude for the simple fact that we are existing at all. We build on the small gratitude and it becomes large.. sweeping us as a gigantic wave and overtaking our body.

To create art in any way (to me) is to give thanks - to ourselves, to those we are with, and back to the Creator - for allowing us these pleasures and for making a time stamp of our existence here on Earth. What does it feel like? What does it fill us with? Joy, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, curiosity, excitement? Through art, we begin to connect with one another and realize, how truly alike in deep feeling, we really are. Through art, we begin to feel less alone and more understood. 

This is what I believe life is about. And that is what I hope to be able to share with you through my work and through this website. The feelings, the images, the colors, and the sounds - that give me comfort and solace. Perhaps, we will all find something to connect over.