A Warm Again Welcome <3

Ah, the seasons are changing and I find myself blah and a bit hot in Los Angeles, CA. These days are often emotionally challenging to get through if I leave the safety of my downstairs cave. I know still I have it really, great, compared to others though and have immense gratitude for each second. Outside - the suffering of the world is pretty intense right now so it comes as no surprise that I have shut myself out (mentally) over the previous months. I've become deeply invested in daily chores around the house, rituals in plant care, loving Pebbles and Andy, and trying to remain present in each moment.. while somewhat not go too deeply into my deep sadness for the shape of humanity.

We've been chopping away at some really important art and it's coming to somewhat of a place where we can finally "SEE" the end goal in sight. The completion of things always thrills me ..especially long-term ones. Honestly there aren't many feelings like it. So I'm experiencing a surge of happiness in just knowing I've been putting in the inner and outer work lately. And despite the state of the world and my empathetic tendencies, I have still been able to see the light of good in most days. I feel a turning of the tides ~ in myself and in the surrounding world.. So hopefully good changes are coming. 

Anyways, I'm coming here to say hello, update my site, add some very special new prints, and kind of just check-in. I want to start opening up more and holding myself accountable to share a little more with the you all. It's so important for me to connect with others, for us to help each other feel a little less alone.. It's easy for me to resort into my introverted cave and not resurface for months but honestly - I want to bloom. 

Please let me know what things you'd like to see here. I'm thinking of doing some more focused Blog Posts breaking down things you guys ask me or topics I feel strongly about. We are currently also TRYING not to be elder people with the internet and learn things like TIkToK and exciting tutorials and reels so please bear with me:)

Sending you all so much love and warmth and as always - thank you for visiting and caring at all... it means the world to me and I can't thank you enough for it <3