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A Warm Again Welcome <3

Ah, the seasons are changing and I find myself blah and a bit hot in Los Angeles, CA. These days are often emotionally challenging to get through if I leave the safety of my downstairs cave. I know still I have it really, great, compared to others though and have immense gratitude for each second. Outside - the suffering of the world is pretty intense right now so it comes as no surprise that I have shut myself out (mentally) over the previous months. I've become deeply invested in daily chores around the house, rituals in plant care, loving Pebbles and Andy, and trying to remain present in each moment.. while somewhat not go too deeply into my deep sadness for the...

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Welcome to my FIRST Shop Drop!

Welcome Angels,  You coming here means so much to me - REALLY. I have been working this last year to create this special space where all my art can exist together. A place where others can come for inspiration and up-lifting. This will now be the home to my photography, illustrations, words, and magic. I have spent time selecting and crafting my very first selection of merchandise and I'm so happy to be able to offer these goodies to you.  Thank you so much for stopping in and make sure to sign up for newsletters to get updates on Tutorials, BTS, and first looks at limited edition merch!  Sending you so much love,  From my heart to yours xoxo Sawah

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About Me

After 31 years, I still find myself questioning my purpose on this planet. I love a great, many, things and while I find  joy in the mere act of creating, I also find great fulfillment in helping others to become the highest and most creative version of themselves through art and fully "tapping" into your emotions.  Since I was younger, I always used art and imaginary worlds as my escape from reality. After many lessons I have learned that reality is not something we should wish to escape from, but rather something to become part of fully. When you start to realize how alike you and you neighbor are, you can daily start to piece together semblance between you and all...

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